App developing

mobile-app-explosionSmartphones are our “daily friends”: anyone today use a smartphone to surf the net, to look for informations, to play games, to update their own status on Facebook or Twitter and so on. From a web agency perspective is quite important to keep eyes on the right track to follow in terms of services to offer to their customers. In that terms start to develop apps is one of the most important thing you can do today.

Mainly there are two mobile operative systems you should consider when you are planning to develop an app: iOS by Apple and Android by Google. They have more than 90% market share worldwide. Other OS you can consider are Windows Mobile (those used by Nokia Lumia phones) and BB10, mobile OS developed by BlackBerry (ex Research In Motion).

Why is quite important to start develop apps? You can understand the right answer just by giving a look at trends in smartphone markets: experts say trend is growing: 67.0 million units have been sold in 2011, about 248.6 million units are expected to be sold by the end of 2015. Asia region is expected to be the region where market will grow quicker. Every user who buy a smartphone is a potential user for your app. As mobile (and tablet) users will grow in number is quite simple to understand that also users who will download an app (maybe your app) can increase.

So, if you already didn’t do it, start to think to start develop mobile apps, your business and your revenue will thank you.