Best websites to choose apps

app-store-iconThose days are also known as those of “app revolution”. Today almost everything can be done trough apps: buy what you need, check forecast, have a look at images, update your social status, play, check your bank balance and much more. Once Apple said “there’s an app even for that”: that’s absolutely true.

Depending from the app you are looking for can be easier or not to find out it. Where is the best place to look for an app? The first and main place to use is your mobile operative system’s┬ávirtual store. If you have an iPhone or an iPad so you need to start your search from App Store, otherwise if you have a Google Android smartphone or tablet, you should start from Google Play Store.

On those markets you can have a look at most downloaded apps, those most appreciated by users and, of course, search the right app using one or more keywords.

If you are looking for tips or reviews, on the other hand you can use specialized websites which can give you the right tip and help you choose among thousands apps. For example, on you can choose among the best games both for iOs and for Android. Apps are divided into groups: paid, free, top sold and much more.

On you can look at most useful business apps for iPhone and iPad, so you can run your business even from your smartphone or tablet.

On you can find best Android apps, doesn’t matter the category.