Marketing case history: the Rana brand, from local to global brand

When we see an inspirational marketing story we cannot resist and we feel the need to going deepen, and deepen, trying to understand when a small brand became big and when a family run business became stronger and national (or, even better, international).

Today we’d like to focalize on the Rana Brand, an italian company whose roots going back in 1959, when a young Giovanni Rana, after having learned pasta and bread secrets whit his brothers in San Giovanni Lupatoto, decide to open a small tortellini shop in the same village. After getting on board of his “Guzzino”, motorbike from the Italian company Guzzi, Giovanni made tortellini home delivery. Only 3 years later, in 1962, the Pastificio Rana has been founded and for Giovanni is the beginning of a dream that continues still today.

Pastificio Rana starts to grow locally and, during the 80s, the first advertising expenditure has been made. The difference between Rana and other companies, about the advertising, is the personal presence of Giovanni in all of them. By doing so, Giovanni entered the house of Italians, they started to know him, to love him, to trust him. And we know that trust is almost everything out there to succeed. If you’re trusted, your products or services are bought. Simple.

The new generation, Gian Luca Rana, continue on this path (here the GianLuca official page on Rana website). Gian Luca is the heir of Rana empire and he is the mind behind internationalism of the brand. His ideas brought Rana brand out of the Italian borders, heading to the US. Here, New York has been the obvious choice: the Big Apple is the city that never sleeps, where you can find everything you need, and of course where you can eat some of the best pasta out there.

Passion, hard work, and quality are the “secrets” behind the success of Rana brand in Italy and in the world. Today you can find a pack of tortellini or ravioli in every single shop in the peninsula, from north to south, or even abroad. Despite the success, Rana is still a family run business, as Gian Luca said more than once, and probably that’s another “secret”: keep it simple, do what you like and do it at the best you can.