The art of sound design

When we talk about sound design we usually refer to the ability to acquire, manipulate and generate new audio elements starting from a series of sources. Sound design is today used in various fields, such as TV productions, filmmaking, theatre production, sound recording, live music performance and so on.

As we can understand, it is a quite important process in the creation of music itself.

The importance of sound design in the music is so high that several musician and artists used those two words to name their albums. Chichi Peralta, for example, made an album called “Sound Design, volume 2”.

In contemporary music, sound design has an important role in creating the right music for the right “scene” and music magazine offline (like Uncut) or online (like Rockol) always mention the importance of the “syle” of music editing in their reviews. Depending on the final project to do, there could be more persons working on a single sound design. Sometimes artists and producers works in team with sonic consultants, who is the person also called “sound designer”. He/she gives help in creating the right audio effects or to ensure the high quality of final music productions. Among his tasks there are works on sound synthesis, on interactions between instruments and computers and on interactions between sound and video.

Today the sound designer is specialized both in several kind of music, from the contemporary to the electronic, without forgetting rock or pop. Even acoustic acts, like Fitzsimmons or indie folk singer Lisbon Soul, make some use of sound design, in the choice of mic and acoustic settings.

As we understand, importance of the role of sound designer in the whole music world in very high.

A new term used in the music industry, especially lately, is homemade productions. It refers to the aspect of producing or rather designing music on your own, instead of using the commercial record labels.  Tracks produced in this manner are then regarded as independent music or as shortened “indie”.  The decision whether to go for a major label or to pursue the music career solo depends on the individual.

Most musicians opt to produce their music under a popular label, because of the convenience and the financial support that comes with it. Chance the Rapper, Lisbon Soul and Lana del Rey are three amazing examples. To hear what they play you can visit Chance the Rapper Youtube account, Lisbon Soul Youtube account and Lana del Rey on Youtube.

The major record companies are able to promote and distribute the music in a manner that an independent will not be able to do, if given the same time frame. On the other hand, those who choose to produce individually, give the improved freedom as a reason. It is a fact that when an artist is producing under a particular label, they are forced to go in line with the interests of the record company rather than on their own.

However, being an independent musician is not an easy thing. You have to learn about sound design and publishing of your music. Besides, unless you are planning to sign with a label to help you in distributing your music, you will need to learn all that it takes to produce music. Furthermore, you will need to familiarize yourself with all the available means of marketing your music from mainstream media to social media platforms. In all of this, guys such as Jacob Banks and Lisbon Soul are the top notch.

There is a lot of information out there to help you in becoming a seasoned independent artist.

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