The importance of mobile web design

responsive-designToday realizing websites needs to give a look at mobile web design. Why is so important to think a website both for laptops and for smartphones? Reply is quite simple: everyday more users use their own phones to surf the net and look for informations. Won’t you lose any of those potential customers?

What are the differences between a classic website and a mobile one? Basically, the last one needs to be lighter and quicker to use and navigate, as it must be thought for smaller screens.

Working on web design for mobile websites can be done be considering two possible ways. The first one is responsive design, the second one is to built a brand new website (such as Which is the best solution? Well, there is no absolute reply as one web agency can prefer a solution despite the other. From a SEO purpose the best solution can be the responsive design (as it’s used also by biggest websites such as Google or Facebook): all the links you get to your mobile version are given also to your desktop version, with highest benefits.

Apart from that, web developers can choose the right solution for their (or their customer’s) needs.

Today an average of 20% users visit a website using his/her own phone (such as an iPhone or a Google Android phone). That percentage is increasing, that means is everyday more important to develop a website which is thought also for smartphones and tablets, don’t forget that and keep your eyes on business news.