The right balance between web design and SEO

webdesignWhen you are going to develop your web project there are mainly two things to think about: web design and SEO. Many people can think SEO is more important than web design, others can think that is web design the most important part in a web project. Well, the truth, as usual, is in the middle.

Google (and other search engines) always gives more importance to the user experience, so to those websites who are able to give to their users an easy navigation on all devices available on the market, such as desktop computer, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

When you are developing a website here are some of the things you have to keep in mind:

  • analysis of the targets and objectives
  • study of search intentions of the selected target
  • search for long-tail keywords in the right field
  • think about a clear web design, both for desktop computers and for mobile
  • think about an accurate content strategy

The result will be a clear website, clean and easy to navigate, other than with a great emotional impact. To achieve this goal here are some important “parts” of a website:

  • good and emotional images
  • persuasive texts
  • use to use contact form
  • mobile web design (it can be both responsive or not)

Remember that when you are going to develop websites, before to start to work, you need to think about all the necessary things in order to allow your website to be more visited and more appreciated by users, who are the real judges about that.