Web design and SEO, some useful tips

web-designIn recent years, thanks also to the explosion of responsive web design, we can see more websites realized both for desktop computers and for smartphones: they are adaptable to any screen resolution and minimalist to avoid any frills. When you start to think to realize a new website, which part is taken by common SEO rules?

Let’s have a look at guidelines for relationship between web design and SEO, which are important to ensure that the design of a website is search engine friendly, not only user friendly.

Keywords. By choosing the right keywords for your business is essential for a successful website. The web design should not precede the targeting of search keywords as graphic should be chosen also by considering the main keywords.

Images and design. A well done and nice web design is like a good business card: is a positive score. From a SEO perspective images must be deeply connected to chosen keywords. Is important that a web design choose and fill in the alternative text. He or she also needs to pay attention to DPI and need to optimize images weight, so that they will be loaded faster. In addition to photographs and images, keywords should also appear in the main meta tags, such as meta description (it is not for a SEO purpose, just for marketing), in the navigation menu, in images alt, in the attributes of the title and links, in headers and titles (such as H1, H2 and H3).

Navigation should be SEO friendly: that means that the menu should be developed keeping in mind the specific needs of the search engines.

Last but not least, social media: today ranking cannot ignore social media because they give a high visibility and are often considered by search engines to establish ranking.